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My career in the design business began in 1993. My first job in this field was at Reflections Interior Design in Cleveland Heights working for Reita Bayman, who took me under her wing and trained me. I had just moved back from Sao Paulo, Brazil at that point and had done decorating for myself and for friends for fun. I have been heavily influenced by my travels and Brazil has a sophisticated aesthetic that I thoroughly enjoyed. I worked there until we were transferred to Sydney, Australia in 1995. I had a newborn at that point, so I decided to get a degree in the decorative arts as I did not have the legal documents to work officially in Australia. Two years later we returned home and I worked for Reita again at Reflections. I worked there until we were transferred to Beijing in 2003. We were gone 9 months and I started my own business, Pamela Haag Interiors, LLC in 2004 upon my return to the United States. I do primarily residential design, but I have also done some commercial and I welcome that work as well. I work mostly in Cleveland, but have done work out of state and even out of the country.


A truly enticing room tells the story of the people who live there. They

tell you what that person might be reading or thinking of cooking or if they like to entertain or if they are introspective homebodies; it tells you what music and art speaks to them, where they’ve been in life and where they might be going. It might even tell you a bit about their ancestry. They don’t look like stiff showrooms. My goal, when I design, is to inject some soul into a home. I want it to feel like the essence of the people who live there.

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